Meet Ms Navya Mathew  who Wins Award for Breakthrough Research on MRSA in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
Meet Ms Navya Mathew who Wins Award for Breakthrough Research on MRSA in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Kudos! Ms Navya Mathew, Daughter of Mr. Mathew Abraham, LIC Premium Point, Indore, Received Prestigious Best Scientific Paper Award for Groundbreaking Research on MRSA Colonization in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients! 

Ms. Navya Mathew, a promising medical professional from the 2019 MBBS batch, has been honored with the esteemed Best Scientific Paper Award at the 6th Amrita International Public Health Conference. The conference, hosted at AIIMS in Kochi, Kerala, marked a significant milestone as Navya Mathew's groundbreaking paper was recognized on December 2nd, 2023.

Her award-winning paper, titled "Nasal MRSA Colonization and the Incidence of Invasive Staphylococcal Infection in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Undergoing Haemodialysis in a Tertiary Care Center in Southern State of India," has garnered attention and accolades for its contribution to the field of medical science.

Under the Mentorship of Dr. Susheela KV from the Department of Microbiology and co-guidance from Dr. Lisha PV from the Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Navya Mathew's research sheds crucial light on the relationship between nasal MRSA colonization and the occurrence of invasive Staphylococcal infections among individuals undergoing haemodialysis due to Chronic Kidney Disease.

Also extends special Thanks to Dr. Rupesh George, who is a cardiologist and Co Principal Investigator  Shweta Ann Suresh who is the 2019 batch MBBS student..

This groundbreaking study not only highlights the significance of understanding MRSA colonization but also underscores its impact on vulnerable patient populations, particularly those undergoing haemodialysis in Southern India. The meticulous research and insights provided in Navya Mathew's paper hold the potential to influence medical practices and contribute significantly to improving patient care strategies.

Ms. Navya Mathew's achievement stands as a Milestone to her dedication, rigorous scientific inquiry, and commitment to advancing public health knowledge. Her exemplary work not only resonates within academic circles but also promises far-reaching implications in the realm of healthcare, particularly in combating Staphylococcal infections among chronic kidney disease patients.

As an emerging leader in the medical field, Navya Mathew's recognition with this prestigious award serves as inspiration for aspiring researchers and healthcare professionals, encouraging them to pursue innovative solutions and contribute meaningfully to the betterment of global health outcomes.



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