Meet multi-talented man Mr Karki Ashokkumar, who inspires people through his social works via creative positive posts

Being an Author, Mr. Karki wants to leave an impression of positive thought leadership

He has multiple experiences like a Corporate Transformation Leader, Author, Business problem-solver, Motivational Speaker, Coach, Positivity Life Mentor and many more in your life of career.

Mr Karki Ashokkumar is the author of novel “ Master of Ego” which is available on Amazon, flip kart etc. He is from PERAVURANI Town, Thanjavur District and living in Chennai, Tamilnadu. Since his 10 years of age, his father had instilled him into agriculture, hotel & boarding management business as a part timer, which helped him understand customer relationships, mindset etc, which became his foundation for life. Later in college too, he was more curious to do part time business and he did various business, during his studies. He took up an IT Analyst job in a MNC in 2007, thoroughly learnt many things in professional career & now is a Transformation Leader and Coach.

We heard that, These leadership thoughts are from the best practices of his father, mother, grandfather who were into social service throughout their life and then he learnt his life lessons from his work too.

Mr. Karki Ashokkumar said in our interview that As an author, He experiences the ‘flow of my mind, through learning the  life experiences of various personality” who I meet n coach in various occasions. That helped me bring up life case studies, creative alternative thinking, through which I chose the best case studies for my motivational speeches on enabling the inner confidence in my audience and friends etc."

These learnings are what he uses in his agile coaching and transformation sessions at his works and when he conduct coaching sessions, become a philosopher interms of connecting the domain, with his life experiences, so was able to connect the audiences and gained some followers for my views in professional and personal life.  Some of his friends, requested him to guide them in solving various problems and he also facilitated them. Once he felt that, why didn't he start his social service for the people of india, by providing thoughtful solutions which can enable motivation, positivity in them, that's why he started sharing his thoughts through his social media.

While he Talking about his college life Mr Karki Ashokkumar said, If he goes back to his college life, he mentioned that he had a very hardworking and passionate friend who injected positivity and optimism that enhanced his confidence and enabled him to be happy with what he have in life. Hence, he became an independent thinker.

Even though he was from a sub-urban of Tamilnadu, he always wished to serve for our Indian people by providing motivational positive thoughts that can lead them to becoming a motivated & positive human within.

He solves problems From his professional life, as a transformation leader and coach. Even as an author, he has to solve problems too. So he wants to use his experiences for his research & write the self-help views & create thought leadership posts through social media.

Being an Author he wants everyone to feel an impression of positivity and motivated.

Mr. Karki Ashokkumar s life journey seems to be wise and helpful. He is a multi skilled problem solver related to transformation, happiness, motivation, positivity . Hence, appreciate his “thought leadership as a social service initiative” through social media and through his books. Keep up the good work sir.

You can connect him through his social media accounts mentioned below...

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