Meet Roshaan Saeed: An Entrepreneur With A Vision To Change IT World For Women

At a very young age, when most of the kids are still figuring out their passions in life, Roshaan Saeed aka Roshaan Sheikh was already making strides in the UI/UX domain. Today she is working with Afiniti as Sr. Product Architect and has been featured as Wonder Woman in the company. 

Her journey to fame hasn't been easy but Roshaan knew she wants to make it easier for other women out there. She founded “Stippple” a community-based initiative and platform for techies and artists who can offer their services to the global market. The platform has been a huge help for women all over the globe to work together and grow together. Roshaan is proud of the venture for sure! She spoke about the same joyfully and shared, "My dream with Stippple is to bring top notch designers under its umbrella to explore new avenues to market their expertise." 

Working to make the world a better place for women has been a major issue for Roshaan. She shared, "How much do we females have to suffer when we go out to earn to support our family and education? I cannot describe in words how awkward it sounds when recruiters ask you in an interview that If you get married in the future then their investment will be wasted on you. You can be fired because of gender discrimination when a company decides to not hire females in the future."

The talented young woman added, "Our Women are not only hardworking but also ingenious and innovative. But they lack resources, confidence, and most importantly a motivation to build a professional career. I have always wanted to make all those women a part of this ecosystem that needs them. " You can know more about her by following her on Facebook and Instagram

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