Meet Suresh a Wildlife Conservationist who has Saved More Than 100 King Cobras
Meet Suresh a Wildlife Conservationist who has Saved More Than 100 King Cobras

There are many species in this world that you may know about. One of them is a species of snakes which is very dangerous. If there are bigger and poisonous snakes in the world then there are also those who catch them.

If you know about many such people, then we are going to tell you about one of them today. The name of this person is Suresh, who is popularly known as Vava Suresh besides his name. Suresh King works to save cobra, cobra and vipers.

Yes, the wildlife conservationist organization of Kerala has saved 113 King Cobras so far, which is considered one of the deadliest snakes on Earth. For Suresh, this is the mission of his life. They are fully aware of the dangers caused by snakes and that is because Suresh has been a victim of snake 3,883 times and 387 of them were venomous snakes. Because of this, he has been admitted to the ICU several times.

With this, Suresh is also giving messages to the people on which they say that they are not afraid of snakes, but if they are scared then it does not even mean that you kill the snoop, whatever comes in front of you or around. I use snake venom, to demonstrate that the poison is not such dangerous but it is about 95 proteins. Snake poison does not work until it reaches the blood vessel.

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