Meet Talha Nasir, How he has achieve success in the industry, With his hustler mindset and dedication.

Jan 13 2021 02:59 PM
Meet Talha Nasir, How he has achieve success in the industry, With his hustler mindset and dedication.

His hunger to own a business led him to own three major companies and enabled him to become one of the most impressive entrepreneurs. Some people in life are behind a certain goal, while many others are aiming to go beyond boundaries and create a profession that as young entrepreneurs exudes their versatility and adaptability. Individuals who believe in trying out everything to eventually reach their destination and become a success story are the real inspiration to others. One such individual is a Dubai-based entrepreneur, Talha Nasir who believed he could achieve the success he desired and that's what he did. Nasir has invested a substantial amount of time, power, and money over the past six years in Dubai to turn his companies into the prosperous organisations they are today. As a child where other kids were busing playing with toys, Nasir was more interested in knowing about businesses. He feels that it was a life-changing moment for him to move to Dubai with his parents. Though he didn't have many routes to go, he still began working for a small company.

Nasir is the director of three independent companies at the moment. One of Nasir's most profitable businesses, 'Drive plus Rent-a-Car', has helped the flourishing entrepreneur grow his impressive portfolio. In the UAE, Drive Plus Rent a Car is one of the leading car rental companies. His company aims to meet the needs of both residents and visitors living throughout the region, with a wide range of vehicles made available at the cheapest market rates. He combines his knowledge and experience with a large array of custom-made car rental options to make the perfect match for everyone around the world who visits UAE. Nasir's two other profitable firms, apart from the car rental business, are "the Pipes Shisha Lounge and Café" and "D1 Energy" which is a manufacturing company for energy drinks. Both of his companies are doing equally well and currently, his primary focus is on expanding his cafe around the world. Nasir says, "With every new business investment I make, I gain more and more knowledge which enables me to make more intelligent investments and thereby earning profits." 

Since the past 6 years, Nasir has emerged as a classic example of a man who struggled hard and went on to achieve all his desires as an entrepreneur in the industry of his choice. He believes that hard work and dedication is the key to his success.

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