Collector-Commissioner's Conference meeting begins under the chairmanship of CM

Bhopal: The Shivraj government is making constant efforts to take development works and government schemes to the general public in Madhya Pradesh. A video conference under the chairmanship of Shivraj Singh Chouhan has been organized today. Through this video conference, CM Shivraj is discussing with collector-commissioners and superintendent of police, inspector general of police. According to a recent report, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is meeting commissioners, collectors, inspector general of police and superintendents of police through video conferencing from the ministry. CM Shivraj himself has informed about this.



He has said, "This video conferencing with the Commissioner, Collector, IG, SP has gradually taken a systemic form for good governance, there is a definite agenda of the conference, it will be discussed point-wise. First of all, the law and order situation will be reviewed and analysed. Speaking at the meeting recently, CM Shivraj said, "The Prime Minister has discussed a number of issues in the DGP Conference. Instructions from the Prime Minister have also been received in this regard. These directions will also be discussed in the video conference. The Collector, SP is the representative of the Government at their respective levels. It is up to the people to give good governance on their work in the districts. With their work, various schemes of the Government reach the people. The good work of collector SP at the district level has a better impact, but where there is laxity, it affects the image of the Government. The entire administrative staff should work with full commitment.''


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कलेक्टर, एसपी अपने-अपने स्तर पर सरकार के प्रतिनिधि हैं। जिलों में उन्हीं के काम पर जनता को सुशासन देना निर्भर है। उन्हीं के कार्य से सरकार की विभिन्न योजनाएं जनता तक पहुंचती हैं। जिला स्तर पर कलेक्टर एसपी के अच्छे कार्य का बेहतर असर होता है, परंतु जहां ढिलाई रहती है, उससे सरकार की छवि प्रभावित होती है। संपूर्ण प्रशासनिक अमला पूरी प्रतिबद्धता से कार्य करें।
- Shivraj Singh Chouhan (@chouhanshivraj) 29 Nov 2021


A number of other major issues are also being discussed. In the meeting, the Chief Minister said, "In Madhya Pradesh, before allotting any government land to be used for any development project, consent will have to be obtained from the MP Gaupalan and Livestock Promotion Board, this decision has been taken to make grasslands easily available for cows.'' He further said, "We have also decided that the eight closed 'Gau Sadans' will be recommissioned. 530 acres of government land is available at Gangaivir in Jabalpur district where 2,000 cows will be sheltered by constructing "Gau Van Vihar". We have also made a provision of Rs.300 crores for cows in the Budget.''

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