Meghalaya Govt to amend tax law, here is the expected change

Recently The State Taxation Act (Amendment) Ordinance, 2022, has been adopted by the Meghalaya Cabinet to change the Meghalaya Settlement of Arrears.

Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui stated that Meghalaya had been implementing the 'One Time Settlement of Tax', but that some individuals/firms/agencies had already paid a portion of the tax but were unable to clear the due, and that some firms had submitted applications that they would be unable to pay before the last date for settlement had passed.

"As a consequence, the Taxation Department has decided to give those who have made an application and expressed a willingness to pay a chance," Rymbui explained. This will allow people or traders who are liable to settle their taxes. He claims that the government would be able to generate Rs 12 crore from the pending cases as a result of this.'' He said.

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