Mehar Singh Tanwar comments on how the hospitality landscape has changed in India

India is loved for its rich culture and hospitality across the globe. Whether it's a homestay or a great resort, a certain number of hotels have successfully offered authentic, wonderful experiences to international and local travelers. But don't you agree that the hospitality industry has undergone changes? Yes, it did, and Mehar Singh Tanwar shares the same mind! 
Being an entrepreneur and owner of multiple famous restaurants, he understands that the hotel industry has evolved drastically. Mehar Singh Tanwar has been in this business for almost two decades and discusses the changes. 
He says, "During the 80s, we had hotels with either no room to swing a cat and poor hygiene or banqueting rooms with exorbitant pricing. There were no decent stays for the middle-class population. However, this has changed now. Today, hotels are focusing on offering excellent services at affordable prices." Mehar Singh Tanwar oversees eminent hotels in Chattarpur, including the Ocean Pearl Gardenia and the H Carlton Hotel. Both hotels have earned great reviews and are worth their salt. 
"Today, everything has become customer-oriented, and thus, hotels offer their best services. From hygiene, food, and ambience to toiletries, they offer the best quality at an affordable rate," says Mehar Singh Tanwar. He also says, "The concept of customer satisfaction is taken seriously these days as it is the biggest reward for any hotel. It brings in more occupancy, positive feedback, and recognition." 
Taking the evolution discussion further, he adds, "Digitization has helped tremendously in the growth of the hotel industry. Social media platforms and different travel applications have helped increase the publicity of even obscure hotels. Thus, resulting in the overall growth of the hotel industry." 
Mehar Singh Tanwar's hotels have earned a lot of appreciation and continue to offer their services to people. Besides running these hotels, he also indulges in social work, and why not? He is the son of a great politician and member of parliament, Kanwar Singh Tanwar. 
Mehar Singh Tanwar leads an opulent lifestyle. He is often spotted wearing high-end brands and has swanky cars like Rolls Royce’s Ghost and Phantom, two Mercedes G Wagons, Lamborghini, the Range Rover Vogue Autobiography, an Audi, a Mustang, and a Hummer, etc. You can grab a look at his lifestyle by visiting his Instagram at @mehartanwar_48

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