Members of European Parliament condemns Pakistan's involvement in Pulwama terror attack
Members of European Parliament condemns Pakistan's involvement in Pulwama terror attack

In a letter to the union, four of the Members of the European Parliament (MEP) have slammed the South Asian country Pakistan for its involvement in the Pulwama terror attacks in India in 2019. "We call on the European Commission and the European External Action Services to immediately condemn the leadership and government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for its participation in the Pulwama attacks and request the European Union to consider sanctions against those responsible," the members said in a letter. 

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Recently, a Pakistani minister in the Pakistan National Assembly openly admits the Pakistan's Prime minister Imran Khan involvement in the terror attack. The MEP condemned the "blatant and brazen" disclosure. The four MEPs are Thierry Mariani, Julie Lechanteux, Virginie Joron, and France Jamet. They have sent a letter to the President of European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen and mandated the commission to start an investigation into the matter and asks the commission to check out Pakistan's involvement in any other similar attack in Europe. However, Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) a Pakistan-based terrorist group took over the  responsibility of the 2019 Pulwama terror attack. Earlier, Pakistan denied the involvement was proved false by the Ministers declaration.

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The MEPs strongly believe the state-sponsored terrorism is a bigger threat than expected if it is not put to an end now. MEPs said, recently in less than a six month inside the Pakistan National Assembly Imran Khan himself has called Osama Bin Laden a 'martyr' was recalled in the MEPs letter. The letter further reads "In the face of such threats and horrific violent aggression on innocent people, it is essential that the European Union does not remain silent. Any admission of acts of terrorism, wherever they occur in the world, must face immediate denunciation and action by European leaders".  

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