These are the main reasons which caused baldness in men

Aug 07 2019 01:54 PM
These are the main reasons which caused baldness in men

In today's world, hair loss has become a common problem. These are due to changes in diet. Hair loss can be a bit troublesome for you even at an early age. But it's also important to know. The problem of hair loss is so high in men that they become a victim of baldness as they reach the age of 20. But there are many ways you can follow. Let us know about that.

* Stress
Stress is the root cause of many types of problems. Hair experts also believe that hairs fall sharply due to stress and people are suffering from baldness, telogen effluvium and trichomania (trichotillomania). Stress is a must to get rid of these problems.

* Changes in hormones
Unhealthy lifestyles, medications, and diseases can cause hormonal imbalances in men. This imbalance can lead to excessive secretion of DHT hormone. And this results in hair fall.

* Smoking
Oxygen is given to the hair through the blood. Smoking reduces the level of oxygen in the blood. Carbon monoxide causes hair damage. Additionally, nicotine inhibits blood flow and affects hair growth.

* Bad catering
Lack of many nutrients including proteins, vitamins, and minerals increases the risk of hair loss and baldness. Balanced food helps in proper nutrients for hair follicles. Also, the balanced diet inhibits hormones such as DHT. DHT is a hormone that plays a major role in the major causes of hair loss in men.

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