Men keep clean shave to look handsome
Men keep clean shave to look handsome

Men also have a lot of ways to look handsome but they sometimes don't pay attention to their looks. There are many men who prefer to have a clean shave to make themselves look better. But there are many things you have to take care of to shave. Shaving mistakes give you skin problems. Wrong shaving causes many problems like acne, rashes, bacterial infections. So today we're going to tell you some of the highlights of shaving.

1 Wash face first - It is important to wash the face before shaving. If you use lukewarm water for this, the irritation while shaving is reduced. Soaking the beard with lukewarm water also makes the shave easier and smooth. In addition, lukewarm water removes the oiliness of the face and also cleanses the dead skin cells.
2 How to brush - The shaving brush should be completely soft. If the brush is stiff then it may cause irritation and pain after running it on the cheek. Using a hard brush is more likely to pimple on your cheeks as it can cause wounds on the skin of the cheeks. This can cut the skin of your cheek and cause a variety of skin infections.

3 How's the razor - If you use a one-time razor, it's important to apply a good quality blade to the razor. If you use a razor that is used several times, replace the blade immediately if it is of poor quality. Also, dip in hot water for 5 minutes of the razor before shaving every time. This eliminates the germs on the blade and the blade runs smoothly on the beard.

4 Do apply aftershave - Apply after shave lotion or spray on the face. This prevents germs and bacteria on the face while shaving. You can also use alum if you are too jealous to apply aftershave.

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