These face packs are special for hard skin of men

Sep 14 2019 09:06 AM
These face packs are special for hard skin of men

Men also have to pay special attention to their skin. For this, you must adopt some tips. By the way, there are many products available in the market which are good for your skin. But apart from this, if you adopt some homely methods, it can be more special for you. Today we are going to tell you 4 face packs for men, which can also make lifeless skin good.

* Milk face pack
The milk face pack is a natural one that recovers dead skin by going deep into the skin. And makes the skin soft and shiny. For this, place raw milk in a bowl and soak cotton or silk cloth in it and apply it on the face. And leave to dry for at least fifteen minutes. After this, you wash your face with cold water. By doing this remedy for a few days, you will feel the difference. Your skin will also start glowing.

* Banana Face Pack
Banana face pack also adds life to the lifeless skin of men. The existing properties in banana work by going deep into the skin. Mix banana paste in rose water and apply it on the face. And let it dry for a while. Later wash your face with water. In this way, using a face pack made of bananas, the skin spots and pimples are cleared. At the same time, the dirt of the face is also easily removed.

* Multani Mitti
A face pack made of multani soil can make men skin rejuvenated and beautiful. Put rose water in multani soil and make a paste and apply it on the entire face. After some time wash the face with water. If you do this remedy daily then you will start seeing a difference on your own skin. Multani clay will make your face soft and shiny.

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