Menstrual Hygiene is also an Urgent Human Rights Issue

Menstruation is the common and basic topic in a girls life. The original fact of menstruation is not equal to gender equality and girl human rights. People often relate this topic to other things but they don't get into the real problem.
Studies have documented how girls and women are able or not to manage their periods have a negative impact on how they are able to exercise and enjoy their rights.

Determinations about how refugee camps, detention centres, schools, and workplaces administer all affect how periods are dealt with. With too little guide to handling their periods, women and girls are forced to stay home from school or miss work, while others are isolated by their families and subjected to humiliating treatment in their communities.
Many lack even the most basic thing a woman who is menstruating needs: access to a safe toilet with clean water where she can manage her period with dignity and privacy.

People who work in development and for aid groups may understand these concerns, but still feel they lack the proper tools to address them.

Human Rights Watch and WASHUnited have released a French version of 2017 practitioners guide, which helps aid workers, development professionals, and anyone who works with women and girls to address menstrual hygiene using a human rights framework.

So apart from talking about all about rights and reservations of girl or women, we need to talk about their hygiene first. If they will be healthy then they will be able to take the advantage of all rights and reservations.

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