Mercedes-Benz to work with Luminar on self-driving technology

World's one of the luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz will now steps in to collaborate with self-driving sensor company Luminar Technologies Inc to offer completely automatic highway driving for its next-generation vehicles, according to Luminar's founder.

Automakers from from Tesla to GM and Volvo have set their sights on producing self-driving cars, despite regulatory and technological hurdles.

Self-driving taxis or trucks are also being developed for commercial usage, such as ride-hailing and delivery services, by companies like Alphabet's Waymo and Cruise. Vehicle autonomy is "truly becoming mainstream with Mercedes," according to Luminar CEO Austin Russell, who did not provide a timeline for the technology's inclusion in Mercedes vehicles.

He stated that the two will work together to achieve "real" autonomous capabilities, such as increased safety features like automated braking. GM is working with its majority-owned Cruise self-driving subsidiary to launch a personal driverless car by the middle of the decade, according to Chief Executive Mary Barra.

"You have to industrialise hardware, software, and all of the systems that come into play if you want to get to really autonomous capabilities in a consumer car. That, by the way, is not the same as the work that the robo-taxi businesses have been doing "Russell stated his opinion.

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