Microsoft revealed a video capture hack for HoloLens

Feb 16 2017 12:15 PM
Microsoft revealed a video capture hack for HoloLens

Microsoft has introduced a rig called ‘Spectator View’ that allows you to capture Hololens video footage for sharing and a better understanding of what happens inside the augmented reality headset.

The Spectator View requires a combination of hardware and software and was just published as an open-source solution on the Hololens GitHub webpage. It is now a lot of easier to make a true to life video that shows not only a Hololens app but also a person interacting with a hololens app.

With the Hololens you might see a three-dimensional motorcycle in the 3D-modeling app Maya, Buzz Aldrin standing in the room talking about Mars, a friend’s face in a Skype chat box.  

The head of Microsoft’s head of business ‘Ben Reed’ says “It’s handy, it’s convenient, it does a good job of what it’s meant to do, but it’s not designed to be broadcast quality, what you’d see on TV. We realized we needed another way show, other people, what the wearer is seeing.” 

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