Microsoft Will Introduce AI Technology With Glider

The software's giant Microsoft company is operating on its own flyer glider. The latest information is considered by the well-known company that the wisdom is using AI technology. 

The company has successfully tested it in Nevada State. According to the report, using the computer algorithm, using the data collected from the on board sensor, analyzing the data by itself, analyzing gliders wind speed, temperature, and inhibitors in flight. It will keep flying while keeping its speed and height.

Apart from this, the hot wind can also fly happily in the sky. According to Stanford College's Aeronautics professor, Microsoft's project is ahead of self-driving vehicles. Such gliders are used to carry out important tasks.

The company's purpose is to make such an aircraft, which can fly by itself for less energy, days and months. Now to see whether the scientists will be able to succeed in the construction of such technology based planes.

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