Turkey plans to repel government forces of this country

Feb 26 2020 05:43 PM
Turkey plans to repel government forces of this country

Turkey has plans to push back Syrian government forces from the Idbil region of northwest Syria. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has expressed hope that the issue of airspace use in Idlib will be resolved soon.

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Russia controls this airspace. There has been a long dispute about this airspace. In one of his speeches, Erdogan told his party MPs that we are planning to liberate Syrian government forces from the region by the end of this month. Please tell that the city of Idlib is the only city in the whole of Syria, where terrorists and rebels have taken shelter.

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The struggle has been going on in Idlib for a long time. Recently, Syria and Russia have started a joint attack on the rebel-held Idlib city. Their motive was that the terrorists of many terrorist organizations sitting in Idlib could be killed in this last Yalgar. Many countries of the world are concerned about Russia's activism in Idlib. These countries have a problem with Russian domination in Syria more than terror. Actually, the Idlib province of Syria was under the control of the terrorists from the era of the Arab revolution. President Bashar is trying to remove al-Assad from power and establish a sultanate of terror. Apart from this, Idlib remains the only and only stronghold of these terrorists in Iraq and Syria. About 50 thousand terrorists have taken shelter in the area of Idlib. There is a total population of 29 lakhs.

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