Migraine can cause sexual problems

Feb 08 2019 11:10 PM
Migraine can cause sexual problems

Sex is a biological need  and having a healthy sex life is an important part of overall well being for men and women today. But changes in lifestyle have also given rise to a number of issues which can affect to the sexual life. 

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There are many ways to handle sexual health disorders, keeping an eye out for indications may also help. Research reveals that men who suffer from migraine are more likely to face erection problems and low energy. Migraines indicate a higher level of oestrogen also known as the female sex hormone and low levels of testosterone. Oestrogen is also known to cause migraines in women.

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According to research The severe headaches with vomiting and sensitivity to sound and light affect a fifth of all women but only one in 15 men. More research was recommended into the effects of oestrogen on men.

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