Mika Singh sings 'Teri Ankhya Ka Yo Kajal', Jhumkar Nachi Sapna Chaudhary

Famous Punjab singer Mika Singh has always won the hearts of the people with his voice. Mika Singh sings something that makes people very happy day in and day out. Now, even now, a video of Mika Singh is going viral. The video also features Haryanvi singer Sapna Chaudhary. Well, the most special thing about this video is that Mika Singh has sung the song of Sapna Chaudhary in this video. Yes, and this song is 'Teri Ankhya Ka Yo Kajal'.


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We all know that this song has buried flags from social media to street-mohalla and everyone loves it very much. The highlight has been that the song was not a part of a video album, but a few years ago Sapna performed only on stage on the song. Since then, the song has not been drugged. Now once again Sapna Chaudhary has performed on this song. You can see sapna wore a shimmery saree during this time and she was dancing fiercely to the song. Mika Singh is the one who sings the song during this time. He was singing this song on drum beats.

You can see Sapna Chaudhary shared a video of the same on social media herself. The video has been liked by millions so far and many are seen commenting on the video. However, the song is truly amazing and is still played at weddings years later. It was this song that played a key role in making Sapna a star and now the song by Mika is making everyone happy.

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