Mila Kunis Always proud of her Ukrainian heritage

LOS ANGELES: Actress Mila Kunis has never felt more proud "to be from Ukraine."  The 39-year-old actress, who has always been proud of her Ukrainian origin, has been outspoken in her support of the nation throughout the current dispute with Russia, according to 

"My parents and I communicate in Russian, so my kids have grown up hearing it. Naturally, they are proud of their Ukrainian heritage. In actuality, I'm very American. I grew up in Los Angeles "The Hollywood star, who has children Wyatt, 8, and Dimitri, 6, with Ashton Kutcher, made this statement.

"Despite this, I've never felt more pleased to be Ukrainian. I feel so honoured that my children will continue that heritage. All you want to do when you're little is blend in. The sense of identification that says "You're different, and that's a wonderful thing" is new, despite how awful so many things in the world are right now. I appreciate that." President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy personally praised Kunis for her outspoken support. But in reality, the actress has known him for close to ten years.

When PEOPLE questioned Mila about how they first connected, Mila responded, "About eight years ago, a version of (the Ukrainian series 'Servant of the People') was being pushed around Los Angeles." "I had a contract with ABC and was frantically attempting to get the show on the network. In the end, we were outbid, but during the negotiation, I spoke with an actor by the name of Zelenskyy." "Years later, I saw Ukraine had a new president while reading the news. A Jewish president? I mused to myself. Thank you! That name brings up so many memories. I realised I knew him after looking through my emails. Our own little fling."

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