Milap Zaveri lost 32 kg, know about this inspiring journey

Bollywood director and writer Milap Milan Zaveri is being seen in the headlines these days. In fact, he remains in the news due to his weight loss. Milap has lost 33 kg in the last one year due to which he remains in the news. All you can see is that Milap informed through social media that after almost four years, his weight has been reduced to less than 100 kg. Apart from this, Milap explained how he lost so much weight. In fact, Milap shared a photo of himself on Instagram in which he is already looking very fit. You can see that in this photo, he is wearing a blue t-shirt and denim jeans and by sharing this picture, he wrote in the caption, "98.6 kg. Less than 100 kg after about four years. The picture is yet to come, my friend.''

You can see while talking about his fitness journey, Milap told that he started this journey in the month of July last year. Apart from this, he said, 'My weight had gone up to 130 kg and I used to feel lethargic. I could not even play with my 6-year-old son Mehan without getting tired. It made me think that I need to stay fit so that I can be there for him and my wife Gauri... and finally, a few weeks ago I beat it in the race.'

Let us tell you all that Milap's weight was earlier 130 kg, which has now come down to 98 kg. He lost 32 kg. He said that he has lost weight through a low carb high-protein diet and three days of cardio and three days of weight training routine. Yes, while talking about it recently, he said, "I started a program in which I took pre-cook meals three times a day, breakfast-lunch and dinner. For seven months, I ate only that food on all days except Sundays. In the first two months I didn't take a single cheat day, but then once the results started to show up, I started taking breaks on Sundays because there is a need for a day where you can eat whatever you want. "You can ask someone to lose weight 100 times, but they won't do it until they decide for themselves that they have to lose weight. Whenever I went for dinner or holiday, I controlled my diet there and didn't eat fatty food.''

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