Millions of bugs used for smuggling of these unique snakes

Jun 23 2019 08:53 PM
Millions of bugs used for smuggling of these unique snakes

Snakes are also very high. That's why they're often smuggled and, but it's illegal, which also catches people who do this. A recent case has come to light. In Jharkhand, two snake smugglers have been arrested from a hotel in Bokaro. The smugglers have recovered the rare species, the Domunha snake. The snake has been identified as Indian sand boa. These snakes are sold in the overseas market at the cost of crores.

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According to the information, a case has been registered against the accused under the Police Wildlife Act. Police said the two smugglers had come to the hotel to bargain for the snake. It was reported to the police secretly by a person. Police are questioning the gang. They are also being tried to ask who they were going to sell.

He said six people were present in the hotel during the arrest, but they fled when police saw him. After the arrest, the smugglers were brought to the police station. Both were kept locked in the station. The Forest Department was also informed in this regard. They saw the snake and went on to say that they were going to move the next day. The next day, when the bag was opened, snakes and eggs were missing. When asked, it was discovered that they had thrown snakes and eggs from the window. However, the snake and egg were recovered from a nearby bush in the evening itself.

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