Dispute over jobs statement, now minister Santosh Gangwar gives clarification

Sep 15 2019 06:09 PM
Dispute over jobs statement, now minister Santosh Gangwar gives clarification

New Delhi: In the Modi Government 2.0, Minister of State for Labor and Employment Santosh Kumar Gangwar has now given clarification after his controversy over his statement of 'lack of qualified youth in North India'. Gangwar has said that my statement has been misinterpreted, I said this in a particular context. He said, 'There is no dearth of jobs in the country. Companies and recruiters coming to North India say that people lack the necessary skills for certain jobs.

Gangwar further said, "What I had said was from another perspective. I said that there was a lack of qualifications for some jobs and the government has started a skill ministry for this, so that children are trained according to jobs To go. " Significantly, earlier, Labor Minister Gangwar had said, "There is no shortage of employment in the country. There is a shortage of qualified youth in the country. There is no shortage of jobs for qualified youth."

His statement was overturned by Congress General Secretary Priyanka Vadra in a tweet. He wrote that "you have a government for 5 years. You have not been able to create jobs. The jobs that were being taken away due to the economic recession brought by the government. The youth are looking at the way that the government should do something good, which has not been done." You cannot escape by insulting the North Indians. It will not do. "

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