MP: 15-year-old boy did such a feat that sent him straight to jail

Jul 20 2021 02:09 PM
MP: 15-year-old boy did such a feat that sent him straight to jail

Singrauli: Crime cases are on the rise in Madhya Pradesh nowadays. Day by day, shocking cases are coming to light from somewhere and people are getting lost their senses after knowing them. Now, the recent case that has come to light is that of Singrauli. Here, a 15-year-old boy has blackmailed many people and extorted money from them. Yes, he has also been caught by the Singrauli police. The Singrauli ASP has reportedly disclosed the case.

He said, "Preliminary police investigation revealed that the accused hacked the devices of several people. Then he blackmailed them.'' He further said, "On receiving the complaint, the police launched a search for the boy, but it turned out to be so vicious that he used a VPN number to show his location in the UAE.''

Under the information received, a 15-year-old boy has downloaded banned Indian apps to hack people's devices and get data. The 15-year-old boy blackmailed at least 12 people and took money from them on Paytm. This is not the first such case, but there have been many cases that are shocking.

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