Girl commited suicide after being humiliated in 'Bhandara'

Oct 30 2020 02:46 PM
Girl commited suicide after being humiliated in 'Bhandara'

Shivpuri: Recently a lot of big news has come from Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh. In fact, when a minor girl was humilated in Bhandara, she set herself on fire. She got scorched by 90 percent after the fire. It is being told that she was admitted to the hospital for treatment but he died in the hospital itself.

What's the whole matter - There was a Bhandara after Durga Puja in Muharikhurd village of Shivpuri. The 17-year-old went to eat. Now there is an allegation in this case that Pandit Nathuram Shastri refused to give food to her and also scolded her badly. After seeing this, the girl broke and he came home and set herself on fire by putting kerosene. In this case, neighbors also tried to save her but all failed. According to the information received in this case, the cow of Nathuram Shastri died about four months before the brother of the deceased Chandni. From there, he was after Chandni's family and began to boycott them.

In this case, Chandni's family said that after the death of the cow, a panchayat was convened, according to which they had also done pooja recitation, Bhandara and Ganga bath. Even after all this, girl was banished from Bhandare and said 'who let the cursed people come here'. Now the relatives say that they were being tortured by Nathuram Shastri. According to the information received, now the police has started investigation in this case.

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