26-year-old man raped minor for 3 years, refused to marry in panchayat

Jul 13 2020 02:28 PM
26-year-old man raped minor for 3 years, refused to marry in panchayat

The increasing cases of crime surprise everyone. The case that has recently come up is from Lisadi police station area of Meerut where the news of rape by a minor for three years has come to light after she became pregnant. According to the information received, it was also said about the marriage of both of them were called in the panchayat in this case. After seeing all this, the accused refused to marry the victim. The teenager's family got very angry.

After that, they beat him fiercely and filed a report against him in the police station. Giving information in this case, police said that 'a teenager resident of Lisadi Gate police station area got raped by his 26-year-old neighbour  for almost three years.'

Apart from this, he also told that when that teenager became pregnant, she told her mother about this. When the mother got information about this, she called for the panchayat. The accused was also called in the panchayat and proposed to marry the victim. After knowing all this, the accused flatly refused. After hearing the refusal, the family of the teenager beat the accused fiercely, but in the meantime, he escaped. Now the police have lodged a complaint and started looking for him.

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