Married to a minor and got her pregnant, took her to roof and then...

Jan 14 2020 03:11 PM
Married to a minor and got her pregnant, took her to roof and then...

In today's time, the increasing cases of crime are shocking everyone. In a new case, the Chikhali police have arrested the wife of the main accused and another woman who gave delivery in case of throwing the newborn in the drain. Yes, on Friday, the main accused Sanjay Kashyap surrendered after reaching the Chikhali post and in this case the mother of the co-accused minor Dhaneshwari has also been arrested.

Police said, "After disclosure in the interrogation of the accused, the Chikhali police arrested Parmila, the midwife who delivered the minor, and Lakshmi, the wife of the accused who was involved in this whole incident, and after that both the accused were arrested. Police inquired about the scene of the incident. At the same time, the clothes used during delivery and the iron leaf used to cut the baby's placenta have been recovered. During this time, an atmosphere of anger was seen among the people of the locality.

At the same time, the accused's wife and the midwife told the Chikhali police that, "When the minor was suffering delivery, they took him to the roof. He delivered it there, so that the people around could not hear the scream. At the same time, an iron strip was used to cut the baby's placenta. After this, the infant was thrown in an unsafe drain. "In this case, the Chikhali police says that" Pramila Agarwal, who plays the role of midwife in delivery of the minor, has already gone to jail on the charges of theft. . On their being told, the clothes and other goods used for delivery have been recovered.

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