Mint Tea will save you from dizziness during traveling
Mint Tea will save you from dizziness during traveling

Many people when begin traveling, then they have problems like vomiting during the journey. Many times, due to petrol savor, the problem begins to start. Therefore, today we are going to tell you about some such things. This problem will be solved by keeping these things with you in the journey.

Let's know about these things-

1- If you are going on a journey, before going on a trip, mix a little bit of black pepper in lemon juice and drink it. By doing so, you will not be vomited during the journey and there will be no problem like a headache or dizziness.

2- If you have to travel in a bus or a car, then before you leave the house you should consume 1 cup of mint tea. Also put little mint leaves in your purse together.

3- You can also drink ginger tea before going on a trip. Drinking the tea of ginger can improve digestion and it does not even cause vomiting.

4- If you are tired during the journey, mix the cinnamon powder with some water and boil it well, when it boils, add a little honey in it and drink it.

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