Shahid's wife Mira has Expensive Hobbies, Wore Such an Expensive Shirt!

Aug 20 2019 09:50 AM
Shahid's wife Mira has Expensive Hobbies, Wore Such an Expensive Shirt!

Meera Rajput, wife of Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor, is engaged in her image makeover these days. Day by day, she is in the spotlight with her precious things. More recently, Mira has come into the spotlight about her new look. Her shirt look is very precious, which looks quite fun. Mira, through her dressing sense, also gives fashion and style goals to new-age fashion lovers.

Shahid's wife with daughter Misha, went shopping!

Mira Rajput is often seen flaunting branded clothes, expensive and luxurious handbags and many branded accessories. In fact, in the past, outside a restaurant in Mumbai, she was spotted with husband Shahid Kapoor and everyone got attracted to her look. As you can see, Mira Rajput wore a black super cool leather pants, which she teamed up with a black and white striped shirt. Also, along with black colour matching pointed heels.

Mira Rajput Brutally Trolled For Wearing Mini Skirt

You'll be surprised to know how much it costs. Meera wore a shirt of the famous and luxurious fashion brand Balenciaga. She wore a black and white stripe swing shirt with a scarf collar with a Balenciaga logo on the back just below the neck. The shirt is priced at $150 i.e. about Rs. 89 thousand. At such a price you can definitely buy an excellent bike. Now you can imagine how expensive Mira's hobbies are.

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