Brother shoots sister's father-in-law in front of court, orders of arrest issued

Nov 28 2019 03:32 PM
Brother shoots sister's father-in-law in front of court, orders of arrest issued

The stories of crime coming today are shocking everyone. In such a case, the case which has come up recently is that of Mirzapur where Rajaram Tiwari, who was going out of court last Wednesday evening at the main gate of CJM Court, was shot dead by his daughter-in-law's brother.

When a sudden shooting took place in a crowded area, there was chaos and the daughter-in-law and her brother,  escaped from the two bikes after throwing them. After getting information in this case, the police arrived, sent Rajaram Tiwari to the Divisional Hospital for treatment. In this case, it is said that he had a bullet in his back and after first aid, he was referred to the Trauma Center in Varanasi.

SP Dharamvir Singh, who went to the hospital in this case, has registered a case against the trio on the basis of interrogation of Rajaram Tiwari and further revealed that Rajaram Tiwari (60), a resident of Vindhyapuri Colony in the city Kotwali area, had his elder son Vinay a year ago. Tiwari was married to Upasana Pandey, a resident of Pandeypur in the city. At the same time, there was a domestic dispute with daughter-in-law after marriage and daughter-in-law filed a lawsuit in April 2019, accusing her in-laws of dowry harassment. In this case, the date was on Wednesday in the Family Court.

On the date, daughter-in-law Upasana Pandey came with her brother Alok Pandey and uncle Dheeraj Pandey and Rajaram Tiwari alleges that he too came to know the date of the trial in the Family Court. He told that at four o'clock he had reached the scooty parked near the main gate of the CJM Court when the daughter-in-law's uncle Dheeraj Pandey defied and the daughter-in-law shot him from behind. Now in this case, the three accused have been booked and instructions have been issued for their arrest.

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