Indore: Kopal-Rudraksha met after 4 days, went to Visit Chandigarh

Jul 16 2021 01:48 PM
Indore: Kopal-Rudraksha met after 4 days, went to Visit Chandigarh

Indore: There were reports of several minor girls missing from Indore these days. Meanwhile, an Eicher company official lodged a complaint with the police station that his daughter has been missing since 12 July 2021 evening. Police registered a case as soon as they got information. Police said, 13-year-old minor girl Kopal Joshi, who lives in Kalindi Park, has been missing since the evening of July 12. Tell you that Kopal Joshi's father is working at the officer's post at Eicher Company in Pithampur. The same family members said that they searched for the girl a lot but when she was not found, they registered a missing person at the MIG police station.

Tell you that Kopal Joshi has been found now. Kopal Joshi is a student of Sathya Sai School and was caught in a car on the Jaipur-Agra highway along with DPS school student Rudraksha Joshi. Both are now being brought to Indore. According to the information received, Rudraksha is being brought by a team of Indore police while Kopal is being brought by his family. Tell you that 17-year-old Rudraksha Joshi was also missing since Kopal was missing. He lives in the Tukoganj police station area. His missing report was lodged by his family. Police have now traced the two boys and girls.

Some sources say that the two used to study together earlier and since then the two had become friends. The duo was caught on a camera while going in an autorickshaw and after that, it was decided that the two had gone together. On finding out about the case, His father said, "I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you and inform them that my daughter Kopal is skilled and is with us now.'' According to reports, the two had gone for a trip to Chandigarh of their own free will.

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