Missing someone's love: Another turning point is about to come

Star Plus serial is missing The story in someone's love is going to have a big and new twist once again. It is said that this twist will bring a storm to the laughing life of Sai and Virat and bhima has now come to the fore. Yes, in fact, two new characters have joined the show these days. The first of these characters is Virat's jigri dost Sadanandwho has now become a terrorist while the second character is Shruti, Sadanand's pregnant wife. Tell you that Sadanand wants to bomb a politician and the police department gets wind of it. In such a situation, the police department hands over the security of the politician's visit to Virat.

On the other hand, virat goes on a mission even before diwali puja, where he will meet in the forest forever. Here he will always tell Virat that he is his couplet and that it is good for him not to come in his way. When he always tells Virat that his pregnant wife is also with him in the forest, he always asks him to surrender. Virat will always say that if he surrenders, he will not do anything to his wife and the child to be. In such a situation, he does not always agree to this and gets involved in his mission.

On the other hand, Sada and his accomplices will bomb Virat's jeep in this mission. There will be an encounter between Virat and Sada and Sadanand will be killed in the encounter. Then the twist in the story will come that Virat will take over the responsibility of Sadananda's pregnant wife and in that case Virat's distance from Sai will increase. In the meantime, Sai will also be badly shattered to know the truth and he will have to believe that Virat has cheated on Pakhi's words. That is, the upcoming episodes are going to be a big bang.

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