Mission Impossible Box Office History in India
Mission Impossible Box Office History in India

The summer of 1996 marked the debut of one of the contemporary era's greatest action franchises, Mission Impossible, starring Tom Cruise as Agent Ethan Hunt. Over the last 25 years, espionage has become an iconic franchise in India, inspiring hundreds of films, performers, and action directors to elevate the action bar in the espionage genre. It has taken a long time for the film to gain traction in India. Mission Impossible earned Rs 2.00 crore in India in 1996. The film had a moderate success, but it was far from competing with the highest-grossing films of the time.

The second Mission Impossible film was released in the summer of 2000, and the film's business increased in India. The Tom Cruise-starring film earned Rs 7.00 crore in India, a 250% increase over the first installment.  The franchise subsequently took a 6-year break with the release of MI 3 in 2006, however the increase was not as significant as the previous installment, despite the phenomenal rise of multiplexes in India. Mission Impossible 3 grossed Rs 10 crore in India, a 42 percent increase over the previous film.

It was the fourth Mission Impossible film, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, that really got the franchise off to a good start in India. Back in 2011, the picture debuted at Rs 4.50 crore and eventually grossed Rs 46 crore, making it one of the highest-grossing Hollywood films in India. Aside from the large-scale action and franchise value, Anil Kapoor's presence on the global platform resulted in a lot of buzz about the film in India, which helped it get audiences on board. Ghost Protocol witnessed a 360 percent increase over the previous installment and established the brand MI in India. It's also the franchise's biggest 'hit' in terms of ROI in India.

In addition to the aforementioned growth in India, the Mission Impossible Franchise's global box office has expanded over the years. While the second portion increased by 20% over the first, the third part decreased by 27% owing to Tom Cruise scandals. However, Mission Impossible 4 increased by 73%, followed by a 1% drop for Mission Impossible 5 and a 15% increase for MI 6, the franchise's highest-grossing film with a global gross of $786 million.  

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