Know which mistakes you make while doing eye makeup...

Everyone likes beautiful, smokey eyes, fake eyelashes, and use winged eyelashes to make their look very hot. But if you have spent 30 minutes in your cat-eye makeup, then you will know how painful it is to disintegrate, especially when you are in the office. Many times you make eyes beautiful, but when it spreads later, you will also feel very sad. In such a situation, you are going to tell us some such mistakes that you make.

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Eye primer not applied: Eye primer must be applied to make eye makeup last longer. Eye primer not only works to hide red spots, but it acts like a good base for your eyeshadow.

Applying too much eye shadow: Smudging is often caused by applying too much eye shadow. It may be safe to apply only a few products at a time. If you are applying eye shadow powder, you have to wick a little with a brush to remove the extra powder.

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Oily Eye Liners and Moisturizers: Heavy and oil-based moisturizers and eye-creams can spread your make-up on your face. Applying makeup and oil to this part will make it more difficult for you to apply makeup and will spoil it. That is why it is best that you apply cream and moisturizers at night and use water-based eye gel in the morning.

Using the wrong mascara: To avoid smudging of the eye makeup, you should apply the eyeliner starting from the middle of the eyelids to the tip of the eye, not near the roots. You can only apply waterproof mascara on the edges of your eyelids as a topcoat.

Pencil Eye Liner: Pencil eyeliner is usually oil-based and can spread on your eyelids and your face. While the gel eyeliner takes some time to dry, it can stay on your lower eyelids for a long time.

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