Don't make these mistakes otherwise it will damage your skin

Sep 17 2019 06:42 PM
Don't make these mistakes otherwise it will damage your skin

You need to take special care of everything related to your beauty. Because even a small mistake can harm your beauty. It can also spoil your look. There are many people who find things right according to themselves, but in reality they are not right and due to this they have to face many problems. If you also make mistakes related to beauty, do not repeat it. There are also many beauty-related habits that affect our health as well.

Hot Water Shower:
Hot water shower eliminates all the natural essential oils in your body. Because of this, our body becomes dry and problems like itching and redness start. Apart from this, it opens our pores due to which many problems start.

Do clean makeup brushes:
Many people do not clean their makeup brushes because it takes time. So this is why makeup brushes should be cleaned every other week because those brushes contain a lot of bacteria, germs and dirt that affect your face and promote many problems.

Applying full hair conditioner:
Many people think that conditioner should be applied to hair as well as scalp. But this is wrong because it makes your hair more oily. This is because the roots of the hair are new and healthy, so they do not require conditioner.

Do use sunscreen:
When you go outside, the sunlight affects your skin, causing problems like tanning, redness or wrinkles. So that's why always apply sunscreen before venturing out in the sun.

Don't do this with pimples
Many people get upset with their pimple and they try to press it or burst it. But by always bursting the pimples and blackheads, they leave a stain on your face.

Do remove makeup before bedtime:
Not removing makeup before bed can damage your skin. They can cause premature wrinkles on your skin and can also cause many problems such as irritation, swelling or redness. So always remove makeup before bedtime.

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