This Singer's song in The Kapil Sharma Show made the audience cry!

Jul 05 2019 05:29 PM
This Singer's song in The Kapil Sharma Show made the audience cry!

The weekend's Singer Mithun, Zubin Nautiyal and Sukhvinder Singh are about to arrive on the small screen's most popular comedy show 'The Kapil Sharma Show'. The full episode is going to be musical with the presence of these Singers. Makers have shared a promo video of the episode on social media. In the video, Sukhvinder Singh and Zubin are seen entertaining the audience with their own songs. Let us know the full details

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"Sukhvinder Paji has a dizzying voice because he is not married," says Kapil, who says in a recent promo that he welcomes Sukhvinder, "When he gets married, you will see how he sing in this voice." Laughs. Kapil, on the other hand, doesn't spare Zubin.

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When Zubin finishes his song, Kapil asks him why he always smiles while singing. Hearing this, the audience, as well as Zubin, can't stop laughing. In the promo video, Sukhvinder Singh is seen singing a song that fills the audience's eyes. Archana too can't control her tears. Sukhvinder Singh also gets emotional while singing, and Kapil manages them.

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