Now masks to be worn indoors too, state govt launches campaign
Now masks to be worn indoors too, state govt launches campaign

Aizwal: The Mizoram government has launched a campaign to create awareness about wearing masks in view of the increasing corona cases in the state. The 10-day "All Mask Campaign" will make people aware of the importance of wearing masks. The state government has said in an order that, during the campaign, people should wear masks at all times, even at home, apart from food, and family members should not eat together.

The campaign was launched by Mizoram Health Minister Dr R. Lalthangaliana at the Zoram Medical College (ZMC) Central Library. Meanwhile, the minister said that the "mask campaign" has been launched on the recommendation of a team of experts on coronavirus management. Some studies have been cited to say that wearing masks properly can effectively protect people from being infected with the coronavirus.

Dr R. Lalthangaliana also inaugurated a new 10-bed ICU ward in ZMC. A 34-bed ICU has already been installed in the medical college. A four-member central team also visited Mizoram earlier this month to assess the status of coronavirus in the state.

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