Mob killed a muslim man in his shop, Mosques vandalized

May 15 2019 10:44 AM
Mob killed a muslim man in his shop, Mosques vandalized

Colombo: In a shocking incident, a 45-year-old Muslim man was killed in his carpentry shop by a sword-wielding mob on late Monday. The shocking incident took place in the North-Western Province (NWP). Fauzul Ameen was buried yesterday at a Muslim cemetery in Nattandiya under tight security. The service was attended by around 100 people and guarded by heavily-armed troops and police.

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Police said yesterday that 13 people had been arrested including Amith Weerasinghe, a man from Sri Lanka’s majority Buddhist Sinhalese community on bail for his role in similar riots in March last year. Stunned by a series of coordinated suicide bombings on Easter Sunday, Sri Lanka is now battling escalating anti-Muslim backlash across the island nation.

On Tuesday, the authorities announced a nationwide curfew for a second straight night to contain the violence, beginning at 9:00 pm (15:30 GMT). Notably, curfew had been in place all day in NWP, north of Colombo. Violence broke out in the island nation late Monday; three weeks after suicide bombings killed 258 people.

Elsewhere in NWP, north of Colombo, attackers outnumbering police and security forces set fire to Muslim-owned shops, vandalized homes and smashed windows, furniture, and fittings inside several mosques. Footage of violence showed burning shops as crowd wielding sticks and stones attacked shops belonging to Muslims. According to the reports, attackers have systematically targeted mosques for two days.

On Monday, Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe addressed the nation, saying the unrest would obstruct the probe into Easter Sunday bombings.

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