Model, Piya Pal Is Quite Excited About The Latest Fashion Trends That Hit India In 2021

Our eyes catch the colour of an outfit, or the frill that goes around the neck and over the shoulders and even the glossy nail paint that strikingly lies over the long and neatly manicured nails. Even with the pandemic around the corner, the summer and monsoon trend has influenced the dressing and fashion styles in India in 2021.

Piya Pal, the budding Indian fashion model is quite amazed by the newest collection of outfits that has hit the Indian fashion market this year. She observes that almost most of the vintage and retro styles seem to take it's place back in the fashion town too often these years. "The puffed sleeves, that were mostly seen during the 1800s to the 2000s seems to be the trend icon of this year's fashion. Ballooned and playful or dainty with a Juliet sleeve, long and elegant or sexy with an off-shoulder , this trend has stealer te eyes and hearts of many", Piya says.

The colour pink has also started dominating the Indian summer collections along with the usual floral print that comes and goes out of fashion with seasons. Piya says that, the girly charm of the pink colour makes the playsuits, romantic maxi dresses, and neat tops a little more extravagant and fashionable.

"I have always been the greatest follower of the colour pink. Pink’s present-day makeover has allowed it to shed its limiting association with the girly-girl idea. It’s no longer a cliché to depict the over girlsishness character of a woman. Pink today means business, but without being strait-laced or serious.  It makes you feel good in your own skin.   This depicts the change in views in people's mind and eliminated the casual sexism and stereotyping that arises out if the colour, pink", says Piya pondering over the hatred towards pink in general.

Along with the colour pink, the waist cincher dresses has also managed to win the hearts of many with its ability to hug the body in just the right places and drawing away attention from everything else. "These give a perfect shape to your body and is absolutely the finest for work, play, and everything in between", adds Piya.

These are some of the amazing stay out trends in India this season. New and fresh trends give every woman an adrenalin rush. Whether you accept it or not, but women are on the lookout for what's trending and what's not. Piya says, "As a women and model who's quite passionate about my work, I always look out for the latest fashion changes to keep up with the various outdoor and indoor styles to define my total outlook." 

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