Modeling Icon and Prakhar Sharma Announce That Mr. Miss. & Mrs. Starface India Season 2 Will Be Held In Jaipur With Only 80 Contestants From All Over India.

Like Season 1’s grand success, Season 2 is looked forward to by many already as it offers enormous opportunities for the youth.

Isn’t it astounding to learn about platforms and brands that never cease to amaze people with all that they do and offer the people they cater to? It is so essential today to throw more light on the journeys and successes of these platforms and businesses as they ooze the power to take over their industries and pose as a great example to the world as a success story. Modeling Icon by Prakhar Sharma tops the list of one such platform in the modelling world, serving as India’s #1 agency, giving promising youngsters an incredible platform in the form of Mr. Miss. & Mrs. Starface India to lead them in the field of modelling and acting.

Modeling Icon Prakhar Sharma (@prakharsharmaaa), with his agency Modeling Icon, recently announced that after the grand success of Season 1, which was held in Udaipur, he with his team is planning to do a Season 2 in Jaipur in 2023, and only 80 contestants will be given the opportunity from all over India.

Out of these 80, he mentions that 35 each will be selected for the Mr and Miss categories and 10 for the Mrs category, and the semi finale of the competition will be held all across the country, with three cities in each state. For the final showdown and grand finale of Mr. Miss. & Mrs. Starface India Season 2, they have selected Jaipur. Prakhar Sharma, with his agency Modeling Icon, has been providing the biggest opportunities to up-and-coming modelling talents and those who have been vying to make their mark in the entertainment world as actors.

Semi Finale of these shows generally have over 100 contestants, and Modeling Icon selects only 15-20 out of them. For Season 2, they will bring along only 80 and provide even more exciting opportunities for them to spice up their game in modelling and acting.

Below is the list of the names who had made it in Season 1 2022 as the “Starface.”

Mr. India 2022 - Hrithik Sharma (Vidisha)
Mr. India 1st Runner Up 2022 - Harmeet Singh Juneja (Ujjain)
Mr. India 2nd Runners Up - Sarvesh Sharma (Raipur) and Asim Raj Chouhan (Raipur)
Miss India 2022 - Sneha Hedge (New Delhi)
Miss India 1st Runner Up 2022 - Priyanka Rai (Sehore)
Miss India 2nd Runners Up 2022 - Aditi Bhatpahri (Raipur) and Rishika Raghuwanshi (Bhopal)
Mrs. India 2022 - Uma Sharma (Taani) Dehradun
Miss Teen India Winner 2022- Jiyaa Suraana (Surat)
Miss Teen India 1st Runner Up 2022- Gunjan Singh Chouhan (Indore)
Miss Teen India 2nd Runner Up 2022 - Moli Das (Kolkata)
Mr. Teen India Winner 2022 - Adi khan

People are already looking forward to making it to the list of the top 80 to be a part of Mr. Miss. & Mrs. Starface India Season 2, 2023.

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