Modi government to hold all-party meeting amid tension over LAC

Sep 16 2020 03:48 PM
Modi government to hold all-party meeting amid tension over LAC

New Delhi: Amid an ongoing dispute with China in Ladakh, the Modi government has called an all-party meeting. It has been revealed in the media report that, this meeting can be held on. Wednesday at five in the evening. It may involve the leaders of several political parties. This meeting is taking place after Defense Minister Rajnath Singh's statement in the Lok Sabha on the dispute with China. The statement has been made by the government in the Parliament session, but there was a demand from the opposition to discuss the whole controversy in detail.

The Congress had also protested in the Lok Sabha about this. It has now been stressed to call this meeting for discussion on behalf of the government. The Question Hour was cancelled when the Monsoon session started. After that, several opposition parties, including Congress, TMC, accused the government of trying to avoid discussion on the issue of China. In the Lok Sabha, Rajnath Singh said in his statement that "The situation in Ladakh is serious and China is trying to change the current situation of LAC".

Not only this, Rajnath Singh gave all the information from April till now and said that "We want to resolve this dispute by negotiation, but the Indian Army is ready if the situation changes". However, after his statement, when the opposition did not get a chance to speak, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took the support of Twitter and tightened the Modi government.

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