Mohammad Ismail Madridi’s journey to "Dark Shot"

Mohammad Madridi ’’the hot chocolate specialist’’ lives in Dubai and owns a coffee shop. He has always been interested in chocolates, coffee, food, and sports. So he decided to make them an inseparable part of his personal and professional life. When he started his shop he had no clue of how this business works but he continued to learn and improve himself every day which lead to achieving tremendous success and name in this field.

Madridi was born in Dubai on 5th August 1987. He completed his education at Al Ghurair University, Dubai. He has a lovely big family who runs their business in perfumes and stones. His family always supports him and stands by him in his decisions. He is very connected with his family and believes them to be the pillars of his success. 

This young optimistic started his journey from a small shop in the global village in Dubai. He was curious to find out people have been making hot chocolates previously. He wanted to learn the procedure and implement it in his work along with his experimentation with the different kinds of chocolate. In the beginning, when he used to stand on the bar work with his hands, he was lost but he did not stop trying, and very soon ‘’Dark Shot’’ came into existence.  

Dark Shot is his coffee shop currently present in Dubai where he serves different recipes of hot chocolate to the people. The aroma of freshly prepared drinks from pure chocolates attracts the customers towards his shop. His freshly cut-down chocolates from the blocks with a beautiful way of presentation by melting them in hot chocolate is the main center of attraction for the visitors. 

This is how a small shop of Mohammad Madridi now has become a brand. Madridi says if you too are a beginner in business then start it with the minimum cost and let the business get bigger by itself. Keep working and putting attempts but don’t stay still and waste time on how to start. Start it anyway and watch the growth happen.   

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