Death Anniversary: This songwriter has sung 26 thousand songs in his life, got married at 13-years!

Jul 31 2019 12:00 AM
Death Anniversary: This songwriter has sung 26 thousand songs in his life, got married at 13-years!

Bollywood Singer Mohammed Rafi is named among the great singers of Hindi cinema. On July 31, 1980, Mohammed Rafi said goodbye to the world. On this occasion, we are telling you about his first marriage, which was hidden from the world. Just his housemates knew about his wedding. It's probably never known if Rafi's daughter Yasmin Khalid would write the Rafi book. Yasmin's published book 'Mohammad Rafi My Abba.' A memoir mentions the point of his first marriage. Today, on the day of his death, we are going to share with you the special information about his life.

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The great lyricist  Mohammed Rafi was born in the family of Haji Ali Mohammed on December 24, 1924, in Kotla Sultan Singh village in Punjab. Rafi was second out of Haji Ali Mohammed's six children. He was called Fico in the house. Rafi started singing when he heard fakir singing in the street. In 1935, Rafi's father moved to Lahore and began shaving at Nur Mohalla of Bhatti Gate.

Mohammad Rafi sang about 26 thousand songs in his life and in almost every language, in 1946, he stepped into the world of cinema Hindi the film 'Tera Khillauna Toota' in the film 'Anmol Ghadi'. Then he didn't look back. Rafi was of very shy nature.

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Rafi was first married to his uncle's daughter Bashiran Begum at the age of 13 but was divorced a few years later. He had a son Saeed from this marriage. Their marriage was known to everyone in the house but it was kept hidden from outsiders. It was also forbidden to mention this at home because Rafi's second wife, Bilkis Begum, disliked it at all and was not tolerated to talk about it.

In 1944, at the age of 20, Rafi's second marriage took place with Sirajuddin Ahmed Bari and Talmunisa's daughter Bilkis. They had three sons Khalid, Hamid and Shahid, and three daughters Parveen Ahmed, Nasreen Ahmed and Yasmin Ahmed. The three sons of Rafi Saheb, Saeed, Khalid and Hamid have died. During the partition of Independence, Rafi preferred to live in India. On July 31, 1980, he said goodbye to the world.

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