Mohammad Rafi used to imitate marabout, he blessed him to become great singer

Mohammad Rafi won everyone's heart with his voice. It was on this day that Mohammad Rafi was born. Mohammad Rafi was born in Amritsar (Punjab) on December 24, 1924. Mohammad Rafi made a place in millions of hearts with his voice. It's as good to hear the songs of the uncrowned king of his velvet yeast, playback singer Mohammad Rafi Saheb, as much as the cuckoo's tone at dawn. The songs sung by Rafi Saheb are so excellent that they give a different comfort and peace of mind. Mohammad Rafi still lives in the minds of the people. Mohammad Rafi was a Kohinoor and his shine remains intact after his departure.

Mohammad Rafi created a distinct identity among his contemporary singers with the sweetness of his voice. The romantic songs sung by Mohammad Rafi are still crooned and loved by people. Mohammad Rafi's voice was amazingly paid, which is impossible to copy. Mohammad Rafi belonged to a middle-class family. He started singing at the young age of 7. It is said that Rafi saheb used to chase a dervish passing through his elder brother's shop when he was seven years old. At that time, dervish used to go from there singing. At that time Rafi Saheb liked the marabout's voice so much that he imitated his voice. One day the fakir heard his song and marabout was very happy to see Rafi's spirit towards the song and blessed Rafi that one day he would become a big singer. This is what happened later and Rafi Saheb became a great singer.

Rafi Saheb convinced the people by singing songs like 'kitna pyara vada kitna pyara vada hai in matwali aankho Kaa is masti me sujhe na kya kar dalu haal mohe sambhal o sathiya o beliya'. Rafi Saheb was also awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India. Mohammad Rafi passed away on 31st July 1980.

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