Money Saving tips shares by Chanakya and other philosophers must keep in mind
Money Saving tips shares by Chanakya and other philosophers must keep in mind

In life we ​​often run away from here to earn money from morning to evening. Money may not be the basis of the happiness of our life, but it is very much needed to get all kinds of happiness. From the education, business and family to the primary needs like roti, cloth and house the money has to be spent. Money is a very important thing for life, but it is more important than knowledge of spending before it is realized. Learn about 10 great things related to money 

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A poor person can not earn money even after doing task  a hundred times. Just like the elephants are subdued through elephants, money is obtained from the same money. The meaning of saying is that money only draws money.  Money arises from exquisite deeds, increases by progress, cleverly flourishes and secures safely.

There is nothing in life that can not be acquired by money. In this case, every intelligent person should try to earn the sole wealth. A person with a lazy habits is never satisfied with money, he is always engaged in this round when the wealth of the three people will come to him. People who wear dirty clothes, do not clean teeth, gourmet persons, bitter words and sunshine, and people sleeping at sunset, do not have Lakshmi.

Money is your servant, if you know its use, it is your master, if you do not know how to use it.  Godhan, Gajdhan, Ashwadhan and Ratnaman Khan, all this becomes useless at the same time, when man has satisfaction money. Any person's expenditure should always be less than his earnings. For this, we have to rein in wasteful money. He must understand the difference between his needs and ambition. Those who save time save money and the saved wealth is equal to the amount of money earned. An intelligent person should keep money in the mind, not in the heart.

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