Tie it in a yellow cloth in the safe, you will become a millionaire

In today's time, people save millions to become rich. However, their millions of preserves sometimes fail. If you are among the same people, you can do some tips from Rs. 10 that will make you rich. Today, we are going to tell you about the same tots. For that you have to buy perfume. It is said that fragrance attracts negative energies. Perfume swells your fortunes. Yes, if you use perfume in this way other than your clothes, you can gain the money as well as the love you want.

* If your love marriage is hampered, you should wear white clothes and offer rose or jasmine perfume at any place of god.

* If your purse is always empty, put sandalwood perfume on four notes in your brown purse and never spend this note. In fact, the fragrance of this perfume will please you, Mother Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

* It is said that to please the Goddess and God, offer them perfumes made of sandalwood, camphor, champa, rose, kewada, which will always keep their grace on you.

* It is said to tie 5 cowries and a little saffron in a yellow cloth with a silver coin on Friday and place it in a safe or place for money. Also keep a little turmeric bales with it during this time. By doing this, you can get rich in a few days.

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