No need to panic, monkeypox can't become an epidemic

The Covid infection has reduced significantly to an extent but now the threat of monkeypox virus is looming over the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that monkeypox infections may be faster. So far, nine countries of Africa, and Europe, apart from America, Canada and Australia have also found cases of this. As many as 92 cases have been reported from around 12 countries in 10 countries and in view of this, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya has also directed the National Centre for Disease Control and ICMR to keep a close watch on the situation. However, health experts have said that there is no need to panic.

In fact, in a recent statement, the World Health Body said, "The situation is evolving and the WHO expects that there will be more cases of monkeypox in non-endemic countries." Immediate action needs to be taken so as to prevent the further spread of monkeypox. With this, the World Health Organization has updated. According to the WHO, the first case of monkeypox came to London on May 5, when the infection was seen among 3 people of the same family. This was reported to the World Health Organization on May 13. In fact, if it is compared to Corona, then it is a very less dangerous virus than Corona. Experts are of the opinion that this disease will not be able to become an epidemic because it does not spread as fast as the corona. Getting infected with it is not as easy as getting infected with corona.

Cases of this disease can be easily isolated and can be easily prevented in one place. The passengers coming from African countries are being monitored at the airport in India. Along with this, if needed, their samples can be taken and sent to the National Institute of Virology in Pune for testing. Monkeypox virus takes 5 to 12 days to spread to a person and the disease can spread to an infected animal, but in addition to that, it can be caused by the saliva of the infected person or by contact with the skin.

Usually, the disease is cured on its own within 20 days. However, in some cases, treatment is needed in the hospital. Just like smallpox, monkeypox patients also need to be kept in isolation, so that the disease does not spread to others.

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