Beware gay and bisexual men! can be the victim Monkeypox

The wave of coronavirus in the world has now started to slow down and due to this, a little relief is being felt. However, in the meantime, Monkey Pox has raised concerns. In fact, 6 patients of this infectious disease have also been found in the US. In fact, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that six more people are being monitored. All of them are suspected to have contracted monkeypox infection. On the other hand, according to the report of the American channel CNN, these people had travelled on a flight with a man suffering from monkeypox and earlier this month they had travelled from Nigeria to Britain.

At that time, the infected person was sitting next to them. This disease is rare to be found in humans, although in the past few years, cases have been found in many countries. In fact, the first case in the US this year was found in a Massachusetts man who returned from a trip to Canada. It is being said that this virus usually makes young men victims.

It is mostly found in rats and monkeys. Some experts believe that it is through them that this disease has been transferred to humans. So far, apart from the US, two cases of this virus have also been found in Canada. 17 suspects are being investigated. There is also talk of finding a case of monkeypox in Australia. It is being said that the 40-year-old man has been examined at present and the report of the test is awaited. All those found infected with this are young men.

The UK's public health body said that "the virus does not spread easily among people, but the recent cases were found in gay, bisexual and MSM communities." We are advising these groups to be vigilant. Contact the sexual health service if there are any unusual rashes or wounds on any part of their body, especially in their genitals.''

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