Visit these places during monsoon season, will get comfort

The rainy season is about to come and people are planning to move around before it comes. If you are also thinking about going somewhere, we are going to tell you about those places. This is the place where you can go and enjoy the rain.

Darjeeling- Here you can go between June and September and enjoy it fiercely. Here you can take a trip to the tea garden, a trip to the monastery, a toy train ride, shopping. The major attractions in the monsoon season here are the Batesia Loop, Shanti Pagoda, Tiger Hill, Japanese Temple, Rock Garden etc. You can have fun going all over the place here.

Karnataka- Karnataka is the best in the rainy season. The monsoon season lasts from July to September every year, and during this time the temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius, depending on the region. Here are sunset points, and waterfalls to see. Apart from this, there is Mysore Palace, Bangalore Palace, Vithala Temple, Virupaksha Temple, Hampi etc.

Kausani- The monsoon season is considered to be the off-season for the visit to Kausani. Actually, the monsoon season here starts in June and lasts till September. And there is a moderate amount of rain in this place which turns it into a lush green paradise. Here you can take trekking and sightseeing. Apart from this, there are Gandhi Ashrams, Rudradhari Falls and Caves, Tea Gardens, Anasakti Ashram, Pear Farm, Baijnath Temple etc. which will suit you.

Panchgani is a very special place for Panchgani, hill station and monsoon lovers. Here in the month of July, the monsoon season begins. Here there are dry terrains and lush green landscapes. You can do trekking and sightseeing here.  

Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu- Kodaikanal receives rainfall on average during the monsoon season. The place here becomes a paradise for tourists in the monsoon. Here you can do trekking, sightseeing, and boating. Apart from this, there is Kodai Lake, Pillar Rock, Devil's Kitchen, and Cokers Walk to visit here.

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