Planning to travel in monsoon, then these tips will come in handy for you

Monsoon has arrived in many States and is going to come in many States. In the monsoon, everyone is waiting for rain drops. Most especially for youngsters and couples, the rainy season is considered to be very good. Most of the youth are those who plan most trips on rainy days. In such a situation, if you are also thinking about travelling in the rain, then you should take care of these things which we are going to tell you today.

* During the rainy days, most people have problems like cough-cold and fever, for this, you must keep the necessary medicines with you during the journey.

* During the rains, the hilly areas become quite slippery. Because of this, keep such shoes or footwear with you, which is comfortable and do not slip.

* When the sun comes out after the rain on the mountains, the chances of getting skin tanning are the highest. If this happens, keep sunscreen with SPF 15+ with you.

* If you are going to walk around in the rainy season, then you must carry raincoats and umbrellas with you.

* In the monsoon, if you are travelling to a place where you have to walk a lot, then keep a flashlight with you.

* Trekking in the rain is quite a hobby of people, however, take care not to go trekking where there is a hilly area.

* If you are going to a high altitude place during the monsoon, then keep a folding stick with you, which will help you to trek.

* Keep a zip lock bag with you during the monsoon journey, so that you can keep your cameras, and smartphones in a safe place.

* Carry a waterproof bag with you during the journey. This is so that your belongings are not wet and you can keep your luggage well.

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